About Us


Every ride is AWE – Animal Wheelersome Experience!

Premium Animal Wheeler Rides designed in Canada.

With great attention to detail and concern for safety, comfort, simplicity and aesthetics, every animal wheeler is designed inside-out to ride comfortably and yet appeal to on-lookers. THE ANIMALS are uniquely suited to operate seamlessly, look great and make shopping a whole lot more fun.

Professional Mall Operations.

Mall operators are proud to have Animal Wheeler prominently positioned in their malls due to our beautifully, and functionally designed kiosks, our well-trained and uniformed employees, and our efficient Standard Operating Procedures.

Focus on Safety.

The ANIMALS unique controller system allows for ease of use. The constant velocity allows kids to navigate crowded areas safely. We create a positive experience and atmosphere for all mall patrons by setting a comfortable mall walking speed for all rides. The wide wheelbase, all-terrain tires and heavy-duty steel frame construction of the ANIMALS provide stability and durability for riders weighing 500 pounds or more.

Look for the logo.

Quality Control: Every component of the ANIMALS has been engineered to precise standards and built, tested and installed by our Canada-based team of experts. Routine maintenance is provided on a strict schedule based upon usage that is carefully tracked through our internal portal. The animal skins are regularly Dry-cleaned and rotated for cleanliness.

Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business Few mall concessions attract consistent repeat business. In contrast, Animal Wheeler rewards frequency with our loyalty program. We also know that our customers spend MORE time in the mall, increasing potential revenue. Since our animals can run for over 16 hours without recharging this effect is compounded. By providing interactive amusement, The ANIMALS allows adults to move through the mall with less resistance from children. Happier children make for happier parents, longer visits and more revenue.

So look out for Animal Wheeler in a mall near you!!!