Welcome to Animal Wheeler

Animal Wheeler is a Canadian based Global Plush - Padded Animal Rides Company. We are focused on creating unforgettable kids entertainment while enhancing their social and emotional literacy. The offshoot of the foregoing is customer loyalty translating to undeniable repeat business.
With precise engineering and design, every animal wheeler component is built and tested for safety, robustness, longevity and aesthetics. The choice and look of the animals are uniquely influenced by local market kid’s favorites. Our ultimate aim is to make every ride an AWE - Animal Wheelersome Experience reflected in our professionalism, impeccable customer service and thoughtful rigorous design process.

Focus on Safety

Anatomically and physiologically, Animal Wheelers are designed with safety in perspective. From the shock- proof plush, padded exterior to the flat animal back for seating comfort; the handle bars for ease of steering and control, the foot rest for stability, the sturdy power motor with constant speed technology and load bearing capacity, the durable motorcycle battery, the animals comes fully packaged for a safe and pleasurable ride.

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